Kahiah Polidore - director

Kahiah Polidore is a visual artist living and working in Atlanta Georgia. Through photography, installation art and video, Kahiah focuses on personal situations and experiences to project and create her art. Growing up as a military brat in both the United States and Europe, her work focuses heavily on exploring the military as a genre. Other themes that she works with are memory, home, and identity. She has received her BFA in Photography & Digital Media from the University of Houston in 2014. In 2017, she completed her MFA in Photography from Savannah College of Art & Design in Atlanta, GA. 

Kahiah also works as a programming coordinator for Illuminate Atlanta, a new photography non profit organization in Atlanta that provides outreach programs within the Atlanta community.

My goal with The Dore Collective is to provide a platform for upcoming and emerging artists to showcase their work and gain experience without the burden of the traditional cost of exhibiting. That way artists can maximize their opportunities by being able to showcase more of their work through multiple outlets, Dore being one of them. When I was pursuing my BFA in Houston I did two internships; one at the Houston Center for Photography and FotoFest International. There I was able to be an exhibitions assistant, a docent, a gallery sitter and have access to artists, books, publications, galleries and more. I loved both of those jobs and they led me to pursue an MFA at SCAD Atlanta, where I got to make more work with more substance. Something I didn’t do well at all during my undergrad degree. The collective is meant for visual artists to come to a platform where they can to collectively create and contribute to opportunities and exposure for themselves to gain a footing in their careers early.
Let’s all collectively create our success!
— Kahiah poliDORE

You can check out my visual art at kahiahpolidore.com

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