Lindsey Kennedy

Lindsey Kennedy is a Kansas-raised, Santa Fe-based photographer whose work explores perceptions of time and assignments of value. Her work combines digital, film and instant photography, taking as many routes to image-making as possible. She earned a degree in political science and began her career in journalism, experience that infused an analytical intention into her photographic practice. Her approach questions what we covet, accessing the absurdity and callousness of human wastefulness. The experience of photographing personal spaces colors her work with a tenderness and tangible distaste of encroaching on the privacy of others.


Instagram: @Lindsekennedy

Artist Statement

The series, “Don’t be that way” approaches the life cycles of belongings. Turning a nostalgic and anthropomorphizing eye to unfamiliar neighborhoods, it seeks what is left behind or discarded, finding intimacy in this act. Captured in the southern US in 2018 this work approaches empty scenes in ways that can be at once melancholy and saccharine..