jaina cipriano

Jaina Cipriano is a Photographer, Set Designer and Writer from Boston, MA. Jaina spent her childhood following around her friends with a video camera and preparing to be a photo journalist. After some tough transitory years in her early 20’s she began to crave something she could control and started to build and photograph people in her own sets. Jaina created The Garden, a visual metaphor for growing out of the tough trauma of a painful childhood. In 2018 Jaina had her first solo show at Gallery 77 in Newton, MA. Jaina creates because creation is a constant, it keeps her curious and grounded.

Artist Statement:
The Garden is an exploration of the subconscious. I create my own sets in my studio that are full of symbolism and nostalgia. These sets are an endless dark wonderland, the bedroom of a child transitioning into their teenage years, a plastic forest of dreams. The Garden is a powerful narrative about losing yourself in the darkness of trauma and how hard you have to fight to save yourself.

I focus on emotion and my models relationship to their space in order to create a narrative. I have found that when put into my fabricated world, my models emote deeply authentically. My wonderland pulls something raw and truthful out of them. As the lights play off their skin I can sometimes see them working through their own traumas, right there in front of my lens. It is absurdly humbling to watch.

Social media: Instagran @jainasphotography