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Today’s world can weigh heavy on our soul and spirit, through its negativity and our heartache. Unfamiliar spaces can repair, regenerate, and restore us, as we press reset to
begin each journey anew.

Time has the ability to give us space to grow, reflect, and lean into the people we have always wanted to become. These last few years have been filled with personal expansion and have let my curiosity run wild. Interacting with these unfamiliar spaces has allowed me to be a blank canvas to experience all that a culture, city, or space has to offer. Setting out on drive abouts in a new city, walking to see where the path will take me, and moving through spaces with no set plans has pushed me to let go of control and embrace the unknown. It has pushed me to have no expectations and explore spaces authentically.

When we are able to travel, to let go of who we are in our day-to-day lives, and to take a breath to be present, we view the world differently. We begin to see new ways of
experiencing life. We begin to let go of our material desires and find what truly brings our spirit joy. When we take the time to reflect in these new spaces and landscapes, we are reminded what is important in our lives. We start to let go of our obsession to appear perfect, to the outside world. We can just be. Be who we want to be in that moment with no regrets, no hesitations, and no doubts. A change of scenery can be just what we need to remember who we are and what inspires us to thrive.