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Work where you are now, so you can be prepared for where you are going !

Many people know I (Kahiah here) am from a small town in Central Texas. (Killeen TX 254!!!!) Through living there I met so many amazing people who I’ve grown with and from elementary to high school. One being Traecia who I met in high school, and it amazed me how much support one person had the capacity to give. She rides with a force behind everything she does, her 5 (her tribe), her family and her friends, and me. You couldn’t ask for a better person to get advice from. Now with us being 8 years out of high school(WHEWWW), master degrees, jobs and adulting to the best of our capabilities she has decided to share with the world her motivation, and knowledge and her perspective! Every video is relatable, and it will speak to you! I love how you all can see how trill and dope Texas girls really are through her!

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