Campbell Washington

Campbell Washington attends the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) and is completing an MFA program in photography.  She has traveled extensively in North America and Europe, and has focused her craft on cityscapes and landscapes capturing the character of the respective locales.  Her favorite genre of photography is street photography, but she also captures portraiture on location. She finds herself influenced by the format. The look of her imagery is defined by the specific camera medium she is using at the time. Washington’s current work chronicles her travels to places that are consistent with childhood memories and cause her to reflect on her growth and future. Currently, she is using “road trips” as a metaphor and mediation in order for her to reflect on her past to enter her unknown future.

website:      instagram: @theblamcam


Artist Statement:

One of the most valuable human characteristics is memory.  If we did not have memory we would not be able to remember how to communicate, and amongst other things we would not be able to recall what has happened in the past- near-term or distant.  My memory is most easily triggered by sight, most notable through photographs. Looking at an old photograph of a moment of which one was apart, can immediately allow one to recall certain segments of this moment.

I am using the act of photographing road trips as a metaphor for my transition into a complete state of adultism. As I grow older, many things in my life are starting to change and these changes have caused me to reminisce about the past. Most things that I remember as a child have to do with travel and family. As one gets older, one develops her or his own independence and becomes a person who is self-sufficient and dependent on one’s self. In many ways, this transition makes lasting changes.  The past and memories associated with that past shape the transition into adulthood and a new person emerges.