Gabrielle Arduini

Gabrielle was born in Pensacola, Florida but does not call it home due to being in a military family. She began her photography career when she was twelve; today, Gabrielle is continuing to follow that dream. 

She has photographed in the US, Italy and Nassau, Bahamas. Upon graduating, Gabrielle went back to her Italian roots and studied in Rome, Italy and she now attends Savannah College of Art and Design-Atlanta. She is a current senior studying for a Bachelor of the Fine Arts in Photography.

website:      instagram: @gabriellearduini

Land of Adoption

The starting point of this work began in Between Existing (2016-2017) which referenced
vast, colorful landscapes and a single figure wearing red in one of Italy’s bloodiest battlegrounds.
Reoccurring themes in these works are vast landscapes, memory, passage of time, and using
objects to reference self-portraiture. In Between Existing, the common thread throughout the
series was the red object and the current work now embodies this grey figure. It seems at first a
simple landscape, but when studied further, symmetry is apparent. Land of Adoption
encompasses my image in nature while dealing with two cultures: my own identity and the
identity of the landscape.

These are portraits of self without a specific or formulated pose. The work has been
inspired by the land artist, Richard Long. His work in 1967, A Line Made By Walking,
documents his path as he walked back and forth in the same spot which created an impact on the
land. Similarly, the subject is marking the space, adjusting the landscape for only a certain time,
and then nature continues on its course as is. As I discover these different landscapes, the end
result is not just a photograph, but the act of creating a pattern of identity in the space.