Creating Collectives - Poetry by Scott Collin Hill Jr

Meet Poet Scott Hill - ( or as I know him Scotty)

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta GA - Image by Kahiah Polidore © 2018

Oakland Cemetery, Atlanta GA - Image by Kahiah Polidore © 2018


A little background first

Kahiah here again - See I know a lot of people because I am a military brat. Scott here is one too. We met on a gloomy day in Houston Texas when we were RA’s in college. (oh the stories we have there! (Wheww , we were one in a kind classy ratchets lol)

For about 3 years we discussed collaborating on projects, specifically a boo where he wrote poetry. I am not sure why we didn’t make this book when we lived in the same state, but we decided to do it after I moved to Atlanta. We made a book entitled Into the Eye (yes it’s for sale go cop that lol)

After this book we saw the magic we could do together, only this time Scott wanted to come to Atlanta. So he drove 12 hours to me and we spent an exhausting weekend running around Atlanta - eating tacos in between & yes we judged the salsa hard because we are basically texans! We had a good time.

Scott poured himself into his second book with so much truth, connection and transparency. When you read the poetry you will feel like you know him. I contributed on a few of the images since he got the hang of it himself ( I’m so proud) He did such a wonderful job and the book is amazing.

If you like poetry you should check it out - read a few for yourself!