Featured Artist: Asad Badat



Asad Badat is an artist whose photographic approach includes documentation and digital collaging. He transforms everyday objects into pattern designs to bring attention to their formal qualities. His images celebrate the coexistence of his American, Muslim, and Pakistani identities.

Badat has exhibited in Texas and Illinois, at venues including Alabama Song; Aurora Picture Show; Blaffer Art Museum; Block 37; BLUEorange Gallery; Center for Diversity and Inclusion, University of Houston; and M.D. Anderson Library. He has also published work in The Aletheia Journal, The Public Eye Magazine, and Glass Mountain Magazine.

Badat was born in the 90s and raised in Houston, TX. He received his BFA in Photography - Digital Media at the University of Houston and Post-Baccalaureate in Fashion, Body, and Garment at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago.


I’ve had the pleasure of going to school with Asad back in Texas. I came across his recent work about 2 months ago and was blown away by the imagery he was creating. It was contemporary and repetitive ( two of my favorites), yet representative of real life. The images are easy to delve into, and then they become thought provoking. That’s the best kind of photography!

To put a face with the name be sure to check out his website here & be sure to follow him on social media

Instagram: @asadbadat.art | www.instagram.com/asadbadat.art 

Tumblr: www.asadbadat.tumblr.com