Chris Moras

Chris Moras (In full Dan Christopher Moras, b. 1958, Alexandria, La., resident, Houston, Texas) Studied Business and Economics, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, La., earned Bachelors and Masters degrees, 1985/1987, retired entrepreneur, self-taught film and digital photographer.  Work not presented here has been jury-selected for variously themed exhibitions, the most recent of which is "Concrete and Adrift: On the Poverty Line," March-June, 2019, Alexandria Museum of Art, Alexandria, Louisiana.   


Instagram: @shutterbreeze

Artist Statement

Photography as a Catalyst for Change -

Each photograph in this collection depicts candid subjects by means of visual rhythm and harmony to provoke viewer opinion about eternal, human qualities.  For example, in Umbrella Girl, the rhythm of each subject's distant gaze harmonized by the Girl's wide Umbrella would provoke opinion about the subjects' contemplative nature, or lack thereof, depending on viewers' own propensity to contemplate their own lives.  Viewers, contemplative or not, and whether they realize it or not, are moved by visually poetic photographs and necessarily express and hold fast to the opinions that these kinds of photographs provoke.  Opinions invariably lead to individual action, personal change, and more broadly societal change.  Thus, photography as an art form is important to society since it can, for better or worse, act as a catalyst for this change.